J.D. Doyle, Technology Director, shared his insights into the benefits Schleicher County Independent School District gained when they installed the all-digital Carina® PA, intercom, and bell scheduler system.


“The biggest benefit for school administrators is the simple web user interface. We had no visual interface with our old analog PA system.” – J.D. Doyle, Technology Director, Schleicher County ISD

Classroom Intercom

Schleicher’s old analog PA system included an intercom where the principal could call an individual classroom, but after they ended the call, the teacher could not call back on the same intercom system. This created an awkward process where the teacher would call the front office from their personal mobile phone. When Schleicher ISD upgraded to Carina, they added an inexpensive call button to every classroom for the teacher to initiate a call to the front office.

Live PA Announcements

Schleicher’s old analog PA system only allowed live PA announcements to be made from the front office. Counselors and other administrators (not located in the front office) would walk to the front office each time they needed to make an announcement. When they installed the Carina platform, Doyle set up an extension where an announcement could be initiated from phones on the school’s VoIP network.

Admin Web Interface

When Schleicher ISD installed the Carina platform, the J.D. Doyle pleasantly discovered Carina’s simple and easy-to-use web interface. Any device connected to the school’s network could access all admin features through a web portal login. Now Doyle can adjust the volume in each classroom, schedule school bells, and create events though the web interface.


With the old analog PA system, the installer physically wired classrooms into zones. With Carina, the classrooms are assigned to zones in the simple web interface and do not require physical rewiring.

Emergency Help

When Schleicher ISD implemented the Carina platform with classroom call / panic buttons, they set up the long press function to call emergency services. Today teachers can call 911 by holding down their classroom call button.

Carina: Complete School Communications System

The Carina PA and Intercom Solution includes:

  • Simple to Use
  • Affordable
  • Easy Bell Scheduling
  • Classroom Call Buttons
  • Effortless Zone Paging
  • Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Outdoor Coverage
  • Emergency Alerts

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