Del Valle ISD (Independent School District) outside Austin, Texas installs Wahsega IP Displays to create a visual PA system to support their deaf and hard of hearing students for emergency notifications.


Del Valle ISD is a growing school district home to 16 campuses and over ten thousand K-12 students. Del Valle’s rapid growth is due in part to Tesla’s nearby Giga Texas manufacturing facility. Del Valle’s mission: “To create a bi-literate, culturally responsive enhanced academic foundation by providing a future-ready education with real-world opportunities.”

A Visual PA System

In 2021, Del Valle identified the need for a visually supported PA system that could notify deaf and hard of hearing students in the event of an emergency. According to the National Association of the Deaf, “all facets of the schooling experience are essential for a deaf or hard of hearing child to achieve equality of opportunity and an appropriate education.”

Carina Key Benefits for Del Valle ISD

  • Visual PA System
  • Classroom Intercom System
  • Synchronized Clocks & Bell Scheduler

“Captioning may be necessary and required to make audio and audiovisual information and communication accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.” – National Association of the Deaf

Wahsega IP Displays met Del Valle’s requirements for a visually supported PA system with custom text-based scrolling messages and built-in emergency flashers. The school district installed Wahsega IP Displays in all classrooms for hard of hearing students. This modern solution provides visual alerts when emergency situations arise, further enhancing safety protocols throughout the campus. Wahsega is proud to have played an essential role in helping Del Valle ISD keep their hard of hearing students safe with visual messaging. We hope Del Valle ISD will inspire other school districts to take the initiative to support their deaf and hard of hearing students with visual PA systems.

About Wahsega

Wahsega offers a next-generation mass notification and safety IoT platform called Carina. The Carina platform protects people and buildings by linking device management with building intelligence all through a single dashboard. Through the use of Carina intelligent devices, you can get the message out to everyone in and around your building during an emergency.

All Wahsega products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA.

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