Preparing for your first post-pandemic conference? It’s been a while for all of us; here’s what we learned as we prepared for the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) in Orlando, FL.


Checklist for Your First Post-Pandemic Conference

#1: Bring your business cards. We are ready to network after a 16 month (or longer) hiatus from in-person events! Has your title, company or phone number changed since your cards were last printed? You may need to contact your company admin for a new set of cards. Is your current photo, title and company reflected on your LinkedIn profile? Pro tip: Update your LinkedIn profile with your latest headshot, current title and company prior to the show; it will help people connect with you during and after the show.

vince front

#2: Plan out your schedule. Select the breakout sessions you want to attend. Message your contacts to coordinate meetings.

Book a demo at the Wahsega booth to see the easiest to use Active Shooter Lockdown system on the market.

#3: Prep your conference attire. Now’s the time to review your conference attire and purchase any missing pieces. Show off your company pride with a branded company shirt.

2021 polo shirts

#4: Pack your charging cables and power adapters. Find that power bank and your extra adapter from 2019. Pre-pandemic, I had a ‘go-bag’ with a power bank charger and adapter cables at the ready. During the pandemic, my laptop practically turned into a desktop. Don’t carry around paperweights because your devices are out of juice!

#5: Consider which technologies you want to learn about. If you want to learn about emergency notification systems and Safety IoT, please stop by Booth #308 – Wahsega for a Carina Safety IoT demo from Joey Gullo and Vince Johnson.

Wahsega helped Marcus Mead at Glen Lake Schools develop their Active Shooter Preparedness protocols, which are now implemented across the nation.

Glen Lake - Active Shooter Response

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