Wahsega Labs, Inc. (“Wahsega”) is expanding their range of K-12 life safety products with the new Double-Sided IP Display, which comes equipped with the following features:

  • Multi-color flashers
  • Vector fonts
  • Up to 32,000 colors
  • Full customization through simple webpages and InformaCast®
  • Two-way SIP communication
  • Panic button functionality

The IP Display’s LED panels are ideal for visual messaging alerts with the option of scrolling text. Wahsega’s line of PoE-enabled IP Displays enables continuous time and date display and includes the option to announce critical text and audio messages in the event of an emergency. The Double-Sided IP Display has an additional LED panel which allows people to read messages from both sides, so it is specifically designed for hallways and large rooms.

All display text is rendered using vector fonts, making text messages easily readable from up to 40 meters away on either side. With double the competitors’ standard in LED resolution, Wahsega’s LED display panels have higher space efficiency and allow more information to be shown at any given time with up to three lines of text.

The Double-Sided IP Display comes equipped with two built-in speakers and a microphone, allowing two-way SIP communication. This IP Display can power an independent Wahsega analog speaker up to 20 meters away via a PoE Cat6 cable, increasing audio coverage without requiring an additional PoE cable home run.

Every Wahsega IP Display supports dual registration with SIP and InformaCast®. The Double-Sided IP Display is also compatible with a standard panic button which can trigger outbound SIP calls to two preconfigured numbers. Two integrated relays allow building managers to control up to two external devices.

Installation for the Double-Sided IP Display is made simple through a single Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) connection, and it is easily programmable via configuration webpages and InformaCast. With its increased functionality, security coverage and LED resolution, this superior life safety device allows for everyday and critical communication, making it perfect for any K-12 application, office or large-sized room.