Wahsega Labs, Inc. (“Wahsega”) designer and manufacturer of the highest quality VoIP products in the market, is adding to their line of IP security products, Wahsega Labs introduces the new Silent IP Panic Button. Wahsega’s Silent IP Panic Button provides immediate one-step emergency notice activation. Users can quickly launch an alert- such as a medical or security emergency by simply pressing the panic button.

The compact IP Panic Button is powered via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and can be mounted discretely anywhere indoors. By taking advantage of an existing VoIP phone system, one press will call a preconfigured number, such as a front office, security office, or emergency services.

This Silent IP Panic Button includes a built-in microphone which allows emergency services to listen to what is happening in the room and react accordingly. When seconds matter, the microphone provides actionable intelligence that can make the difference. This one-way audio system includes no internal speaker or alert system to reduce the risk of victimization.

This product’s slim design and metal construction allows for discrete locations, such as under a desk or retail counter. It is built for vandal and tamper resistance allowing the device to expand coverage of any security solution, facing the challenges of an open campus on a school or workplace.

This advanced panic button includes a relay. The most typical use case is for a relay output is to trigger security cameras as an extra protection in the case of an emergency. This allows responders to see as well as hear what is going on in the room where the panic button was engaged.

In addition to these security features, this panic button has location-based alerting through the use of caller ID; giving emergency services the information they need to arrive at the scene and provide the necessary assistance. This Silent IP Panic Button has the advanced security features to quickly de-escalate any crisis, with the decreased opportunity for victimization and more actionable intelligence than any other panic button on the market. Wahsega’s Silent IP Panic Button is specifically designed to enhance any security solution or can stand-alone for every facility’s safety needs.