Wahsega is proud to introduce the Carina Classroom Microphone System, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of schools.

Key Benefits for Classrooms:

  • Improves student learning
  • Reduces teacher vocal strain
  • Solving infrared microphone problems with RF technology
  • Improved classroom audio coverage
  • Comprehensive classroom audio integration
  • Safety Features: Call for help
  • Integration with campus PA systems
  • Support for Distance Learning
  • Affordable

The Carina Classroom Microphone is not just a tool for amplification but a comprehensive audio system with a 4-channel mixer for 2 microphones, 2 additional audio inputs and one audio output, catering to both in-person and distance learning audio requirements. 

Safety is paramount, and the Carina Classroom Microphone system excels with a built-in call button feature, providing peace of mind for both teachers and students. At an affordable MSRP of $599 for the Teacher Mic Kit, Wahsega is revolutionizing classroom audio solutions without breaking the bank.

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Teacher Mic Kit

Carina Teacher Wireless Mic Kit with Call Button

Student Mic

Wireless Student Mic with charging cradle (add-on)

Designed to integrate with all Carina IP Speakers and IP Displays, this microphone system is a central component of the Carina ecosystem, supporting distance learning and enhancing teacher voice reinforcement. The system ensures that during critical announcements, local audio is muted for undivided attention to school-wide communications.

Investing in the Carina Wireless Microphone system represents a significant cost saving compared to other market solutions, emphasizing Wahsega’s commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective educational technology.

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Enhancing Language Learning with Classroom Microphones

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