Wahsega returned to our first in-person conference at the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) in Orlando, FL. Joey Gullo and Vince Johnson provided Carina platform demos and spoke with SROs about the challenges and opportunities they face today.


Here are 3 key themes from the 2021 NASRO Conference:

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1. In 2021, gun violence soared in K-12. This fall, school shootings could far exceed pre-pandemic levels.

2019 had the highest number of school shootings since 1970, with 118 shootings. With remote learning in 2020-2021, school shootings dropped 50%. Source: Statista

Students who fell behind during remote learning during the pandemic, will have a very stressful 2021-2022 school year as they return to to in-person classroom learning. How will they cope?

A Florida high school that reopened Spring 2021, saw “some students who had no history of issues, suddenly started showing aggressive behavior when our high school resumed last August.” – Florida high school principal Elizabeth Brown at National School Safety Conference

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2. SROs are being stretched thinner than ever, covering multiple school campuses.

They can only be there a half hour before school and a half hour after school. Unfortunately, that means there are times of no coverage.



3. We can no longer assess risk by likelihood of a situation arising, but rather our liability if and when that situation occurs.

The mindset must not be, “What are the chances that would happen?” 

Our mindset must be, “When that happens, how LIABLE are we?”

Benjamin Crum


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Wahsega at NASRO 2021

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Vince Johnson (pictured above) and Joey Gullo demoed Wahsega’s Carina platform , the easiest to use Active Shooter Lockdown system on the market. If you missed our demo at NASRO, it’s not too late. Book your free, no-obligation demo here.

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