With safety of students and teachers at the forefront, how has your school prepared for emergency situations?

Is you school prepared for these emergencies?

  • A medical emergency in the classroom
  • Incoming inclement weather
  • Active shooter threat

Here’s How Wahsega Helps:

  • Medical Emergency: At Pinellas County Schools, a student began seizing and the teacher saved precious seconds by pressing a call button for help and was able to assist the student. 
  • Inclement Weather: Schleicher County ISD is currently implementing Outdoor IP Speakers to notify students on the playground and outdoor areas when a storm is imminent (and instruct students to seek shelter indoors).
  • Active Shooter: After the Parkland School shooting tragedy, Pembroke Pines installed an emergency notification system to comply with Florida’s Alyssa’s Law requirements, implementing a 7-code-color system with RED indicating an active shooter lockdown.

Schleicher County ISD, West Jefferson Hills, Caddo Parish, Trinity Christian Academy, and Justice Schools implemented Carina® for their emergency notification system. 

Schools including Pembroke Pines and Pinellas County School District implemented Wahsega hardware with InformaCast® for their emergency notification system.

Schools no longer need to purchase a separate emergency notification system. With Carina, schools get all of the benefits of an integrated emergency notification system, PA system, intercom, and bell scheduler.

Benefits of a Complete School Emergency Notification System

  • Short press the call button for the front office, or hold down the call button for 3 seconds to reach the Security Resource Officer or 911.
  • Initiate inclement weather notifications with a press of a button or dialing an extension.
  • It’s more than an emergency notification system; it’s also your school’s PA system, bell scheduler, and emergency notification system.

Carina: Complete School Communications System

The Carina PA and Intercom Solution includes:

  • Simple to Use
  • Affordable
  • Easy Bell Scheduling
  • Classroom Call Buttons
  • Effortless Zone Paging
  • Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Outdoor Coverage
  • Emergency Alerts

We’re here to help.

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