Business Intercom System

  • IP Intercom System
  • IP Intercom Speaker
  • VoIP Intercom System
  • PoE Intercom System

An affordable, reliable and easy to use Business Intercom System


Carina:Intercom Solves Common Problems


  • Need Emergency Help stations
  • Can’t hear trucks at loading dock
  • Need Intercoms on exterior doors
  • Workers can’t report issues quickly
  • Old intercoms are broken
  • Delays talking to Pick Stations
  • Supervisor can’t reach the floor
Indoor Intercom Speaker

IP Intercom System

Digital design allows for simple software configuration of phone extension, door control as well as zoned announcements.

Intercom System

IP Intercom Speaker

Hands free 2-way communications

Clear Audio

Noise Reduction

Actively reduces background noise for improved intercom performance



Next-generation features for less than legacy system pricing

Outdoor IP Speaker Paging

PoE Intercom

Power over Ethernet powers every Intercom endpoint. Works when the power goes out, simplifies wiring

VOIP Phone Compatible

VoIP Phone System Compatible

Broadcast paging messages from your existing VoIP cloud phone system

Carina:Intercom System Products


IP Intercoms


Secondary Speakers

Indoor and Outdoor IP Speakers



Intercom Options

Most products have built in Intercom / Speakerphone features

$219 – $1,769

Carina:Building Solutions

Glen Lake Schools




Complete Communications and Control Systems for Buildings


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Justice Schools Exterior



  • IP Paging System
  • Emergency Alert System
  • PoE Speakers


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IoT Mass Notification for building operating systems



  • Improves student learning
  • Reduces teacher vocal strain
  • Comprehensive classroom audio coverage


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  • Digital Signage
  • Easy to update text
  • Easy to update colors


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-What's in the Review-

Build a Better Facility -
A Guide to Carina:Building


Software - trusted globally, running on over 1 billion devices


Hardware - robust, Made in the USA digital devices that work every time


Coverage - reach everyone but more importantly, people and buildings can reach out for help

Benefits for all industries

School Building


  • School PA System
  • Classroom Intercom System
  • School Bell System
  • Synchronized Clocks
  • Emergency Lock-down System
  • Classroom Microphone System


See our School Solution



    • Warehouse PA System
    • Warehouse Intercom System
    • Easily Speak to Pick Stations
    • Commercial Public Address System
    • Break Bell System

See our Warehouse Solution




    • Commercial PA System
    • Retail Intercom System
    • Synchronized Clocks
    • Emergency Lock-down System

See our Commercial Solution


Hospital Workers


  • Hospital Overhead PA System
  • Contactless Hospital Intercom
  • Synchronized Hallway Clocks
  • Healthcare Public Address System
  • Zoned Background Music


See our Healthcare Solution


A Complete Digital Business Intercom System

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective PA system?

Our PA system provides complete building coverage, and our technology reduces cabling costs by up to 50%, making it the most affordable option.


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