Warehouse PA System

  • Warehouse Intercom System
  • Warehouse Doorbell System
  • Commercial PA System

An affordable, reliable and easy to use warehouse communication and emergency notification system.

Carina: Complete Warehouse Communications


  • Paging and Emergency Management System
  • Warehouse Break Bell System
  • Warehouse Door Buzzer System

Warehouse Doorbell
Voice Reinforcement

Warehouse PA System

Warehouse paging system reaches every person in your factory

Indoor Intercom Speaker

Warehouse Intercom System

Replace legacy intercom systems with contactless 2-way communications

Doorbell Buzzer

Warehouse Doorbell System

Simple button press sends site-wide alert, letting you know there’s someone at your loading dock



Next-generation features for less than legacy system pricing

Outdoor IP Speaker Paging

Break Bell System

Signal breaks and shift changes with programmable bell system

VOIP Phone Compatible

Cloud Phone System Compatible

Broadcast paging messages from your existing VoIP cloud phone system 

Benefits for everyone on-site and off-site

Industrial worker driving a forklift

Keeping Employees Safe

Carina creates a safe working environment allowing your employees to focus on their job
    • Signal breaks and shift changes with site-wide alerts
    • Crystal Clear Audio communications on the factory floor
    • Scrolling Text messages for loud environments
    • Increases your product quality
    • Employees can focus on their job instead of stressing about an unsafe environment.

Greatly reducing IT management

IT is stressful, Carina makes things simple from the start and streamlines day-to-day management now and into the future.
    •  Simple system configuration and management through a single dashboard
    • Zero-touch provisioning to simplify installation
    • Upgrade firmware of all devices on the network
    • Device health reports and proactive issue alerts
    • Direct technical support from Wahsega’s support team
    • Simple system and end point testing



Plant manager

Be Heard Around the Factory or Warehouse

Carina reduces the stress of day to day management of your facility and improves employee productivity.
    •  Reach everyone on site
    • Daily morning announcements
    • Scheduled break time and lunch time notifications
    • Communications with the entire site for emergencies
    • Help stations to alert management when assistance is needed
    • Live announcements plant-wide or to any designated area

Industrial facility manager

Clear view of building operations

Carina continuously monitors buildings keeping small problems from turning into disasters.
    • Reach staff through their mobile radios

Monitor and provide proactive alerts

    • HVAC system efficiency
    • Building wide air quality
    • Door security, water leaks, and gas leaks, etc.
    • Cafeteria refrigeration equipment
    • Lightning strikes

Control building services

    • Sprinklers
    • Security Cameras
    • Access Control
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-What's in the Review-

Build a Better Facility -
A Guide to Carina


Software - trusted globally, running on over 1 billion devices


Hardware - multipurpose intelligent devices to get the message out


Coverage - reach everyone but more importantly, people and buildings can reach out for help

A Complete Digital Public Address System

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective PA system?

Our PA system provides complete building coverage, and our technology reduces cabling costs by up to 50%, making it the most affordable option.


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