Accessories for Intelligent Devices

These accessories bring more value and features out of all of the Wahsega IP speakers and IP displays. By adding a simple Call/Panic Button, the endpoints transform into a powerful hands-free IP phone and a help station if someone needs help. By adding a sound reinforcement panel, the endpoints can act as a sound system for local room audio. 

IP Display Speaker


healthcare industry mass notification

Voice Reinforcement

Add wireless mics to reduce voice strain


healthcare industry mass notification

Help Station

Turn any endpoint into an emergency calling device

healthcare industry mass notification

Local Room Audio

Use the speakers to play local audio from any source

healthcare industry mass notification

Cost savings

Reduce cabling expenses by up to 50%

A Complete Digital Public Address System

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective PA system?

Our PA system provides complete building coverage, and our technology reduces cabling costs by up to 50%, making it the most affordable option.


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Powered by Carina

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Wahsega devices automatically register with a Carina server allowing you to quickly test, configure and manage each device. 

Panic Call Location

When the panic button has been pushed, Carina will tell the right people exactly where the call came from so that help can be quickly routed.


Protect your people with a next-generation digital platform for the same price as old legacy systems.

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