Call/Panic Button

Wahsega’s Call/Panic Button accessories is a simple button wall plate that allows any IP speaker or display to call two different numbers depending on how long it is depressed.

Price: $55

Carina Model Number WL-SPKR-RB-W

Small IP Display

The Wahsega Call/Panic Button is a powerful addition to any Wahsega IP speaker or display. When connected over two 18-Gauge wires, the Call/Panic button can place calls to two different phone numbers. With the ability to call two numbers from one button, it allows facilities to make a short press call a non-emergency number and a long press to call an emergency number. This feature greatly reduces the number of false emergency calls placed, especially in school settings. This simple addition transforms any speaker or display into a help station for people to reach out for assistance. 


  • Call two phone numbers
  • Connect to any speaker or display
  • Simple 1-Gang enclosure installation
  • Strong steel construction

Safety Certification Seals

The Wahsega Panic/Call Button is an accessory device designed for use with Wahsega speakers and displays to initiate two-way SIP calls. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the Panic/Call Button Wall Plate mounts in a single-gang electrical box and is wired to the speaker via low voltage cables, secured to screw terminal connectors on the rear of the button assembly. Simply press and release the button quickly to activate a SIP phone call at the speaker or press and hold for two seconds to call a second phone number.


  • Push button
  • Simple wall-mount installation
  • Call two phone numbers
  • Connect to any speaker or display
  • Standard single-gang wall plate size
  • Commercial-grade steel construction


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Call/Panic button is compatible with


2x2 Ceiling Speaker

2x2 Ceiling IP Speaker



Wall Mount IP Speaker





Large IP Display and Speaker

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