“The Carina system is a faster and more reliable solution that fit within our limited budget.”

Robert Clemmer, IT Administrator


Justice Public Schools, located in Seminole County, Oklahoma, faced communication challenges when students and teachers returned to in-person classroom instruction. 

The major challenges were finding a system that would seamlessly integrate with their existing On-Site PBX server and devices, and that would not be financially burdensome due to licensing or maintenance fees. They also wanted a system that could quickly deliver messages, was easy to manage and could upgrade firmware of IoT devices without causing disruptions.

The school needed a more efficient and user-friendly solution to enhance communication and emergency procedures.

Justice School hallway IP Display


Robert Clemmer, IT administrator for Justice Public Schools, explored alternative systems and decided to implement Carina:Building. Carina provided a simpler and more manageable platform compared to competitors. It offered improved connectivity, ease of firmware management, and the ability to customize device names. Additionally, Carina’s seamless integration with the school’s PBX system allowed school VoIP phones to broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements.

carina small ip display installed in a justice schools classroom


After implementing Carina:Building, Justice Public Schools noticed several positive changes in their day-to-day operations:

  • Improved Message Delivery: Carina:Building ensured reliable and consistent message delivery, solving previous issues. The system allowed notifications to reach all devices promptly, improving communication efficiency.
  • Easy Device Management: Carina:Building simplified device management by providing a user-friendly web-based interface. The ability to change device names directly in the Carina:Building dashboard eliminated the need to access individual devices. This streamlined the process and allowed for more descriptive and meaningful device naming conventions.
  • Zone Setup Made Simple: Carina:Building facilitated the setup and management of zones, allowing the school to customize notifications according to specific areas or needs. Setting up zones required only a few clicks, enabling efficient communication within different parts of the school.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Carina:Building provided a cost-effective alternative to other competitors. Traditional licensing plans required paying for a higher tier plan based on the number of devices, Carina:Building allowed Justice Public School to pay for the actual number of devices they had, resulting in significant cost savings.

Overall, Carina:Building‘s implementation significantly improved communication and streamlined emergency procedures for Justice Public Schools. The system’s ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and potential for future integrations made it the preferred choice for the district.

Wahsega came through with their Carina solution for our school clocks, PA system, intercom, and emergency notification system. The Carina system is faster and more reliable, and fit within our limited budget. – Robert Clemmer, Justice Schools IT Administrator 


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