About West Jefferson Hills School District

West Jefferson Hills School district is a public school system serving Jefferson Hills, West Elizabeth, and Pleasant Hills communities, suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Problems Solved

  • Inflexible System
  • Limited Budget
  • Safety Concerns
  • Unreliable Hardware


  • PA System: Old analog PA system became increasingly unreliable and difficult to repair.
  • Teachers and students couldn’t hear emergency announcements in loud classrooms.
  • The safety committee couldn’t implement pre-recorded scripts.


With Carina, we got a comprehensive platform with a fully digital paging system, synchronized clock and bell scheduler, classroom intercom, and emergency notification that’s future-proof. – Gerry Dawson, Technology Director


Carina, made by Wahsega, provided the most cost-effective solution since he could reuse the existing ethernet cabling, lowering his installation costs by almost 90%.

IP Displays, providing visual and audio messages, were installed in every classroom to address dynamic noise levels.

The school’s safety committee recorded safety announcements and implemented them in Carina for triggering at a moment’s notice.


With Wahsega devices in place, you just unplug them, take them into the building in the new classroom, plug them in, and you haven’t lost one dime. – Gerry Dawson, Technology Director

Key Benefits for West Jefferson Hills School District

  • Announcements are broadcast both audibly and visibly.
  • Standardized school safety protocols now implemented.
  • Easy to create and change custom bell schedules.


  • Today announcements are made audibly and visually across the school’s IP Displays to address classroom audio levels.
  • Carina’s simple web-based interface made it easy for Gerry to schedule bells and move speakers between zones.
  • The school safety committee standardized emergency procedures by implementing pre-recorded safety announcements in Carina.

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