Carina Servers

The Carina Servers provide IoT, IP PBX and mass notification capabilities, allowing you to easily create a full VoIP communication system with all Wahsega endpoints. Provision and monitor of all your devices through a single dashboard.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Carina allows you to combine multiple building sensors into one dashboard to control building services and be alerted to equipment failures or issues.

IP Displays

Wahsega’s line of PoE enabled IP Displays enable continuous time and date display but also allows for critical textual information to be scrolled on the display. The LED displays supports over 32,000 colors and vector font technology providing easy reading comprehension.

IP Intercoms

Indoor and outdoor IP intercoms designed for access control and playing alerts for additional coverage.

IP Speakers

Multi-function speakers can act as two-way intercoms and provide power for up to two classrooms from one PoE port. Save up to 50% on installation costs for complete indoor coverage.

Outdoor IP Speakers

Multi-function outdoor speakers that produce crisp intelligible audio over great distances. There is a built-in LED flasher for alerts and a help station can be attached for emergencies that occur outside of the building.

Zone Controllers

Bridge the analog audio divide with these zone controllers so that even legacy analog speaker systems can receive Carina alerts and announcements.

Complete Campus Coverage

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IP Speakers in a row

Carina Servers

  • 5Complete building control

  • 5Manage all Carina intelligent devices

  • 5Send emergency alerts

  • 5Zone paging

IP Speakers

  • 5Complete audio coverage

  • 5Crisp two-way audio

  • 5Local classroom audio

  • 5Voice reinforcement

  • 5Panic button

IP Display products

IP Displays

  • 5Scrolling Text

  • 5Speaker for two-way audio

  • 5Built in flashers

  • 5ADA compatible

Outdoor IP Speakers

  • 5Complete outdoor coverage
  • 5Weatherproof housing
  • 5UL certified
  • 5Crystal clear audio
IP Speakers in a row

IP Intercoms

  • 5Intercom and help station in one unit

  • 5Unlock doors and gates remotely

  • 5Integrates with any IP PBX system

  • 5Indoor applications for secure areas

Zone controllers

Zone Controllers

  • 5Integrate existing speaker systems

  • 5Background music

  • 5Rack mountable

Microphone Group Image


  • 5Improves student learning

  • 5Reduces teacher vocal strain

  • 5Comprehensive classroom audio coverage

informacast group

InformaCast® Endpoints

  • 5Works with all InformCast products

Complete coverage for the same budget

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective PA system?

Our PA system provides complete building coverage, and our technology reduces cabling costs by up to 50%, making it the most affordable option.


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When there is no room for error, Carina keeps patients and staff safe.



Protect your people and building, strengthen safety in the workplace, and improve day-to-day operations.



Improve workplace safety, monitor people and your equipment. 

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