Next Generation
Hospital Overhead PA System, Intercoms and Synchronized Hallway Clocks

An affordable, reliable and easy to use healthcare emergency notification system
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Complete Hospital Communications System

Voice Reinforcement

Overhead PA System

Hospital overhead paging system reaches every person in your facility

Synchronized Clocks

Hospital hallway clocks are always accurate and change perfectly in sync

Indoor Intercom Speaker

Intercom system

Replace legacy intercom systems with contactless 2-way communications


Next-generation features for less than legacy system pricing

Expand your reach

Allow for people and buildings to easily reach out for help

Trusted reliability

Independent operation during power and internet outages

Benefits for everyone in your facility

Hospital patient in bed waiting

Keeping Patients Safe

Carina:Building creates a safe healing environment so your patients can focus on getting better
    • Protect patient privacy with sound masking
    • Zone paging to keep announcements from disturbing patients
    • Protect every patient with ADA compliance
    • Timely Code Blue alerts so the right patient is quickly attended to
    • Synchronized clocks reduces confusion
    • Streaming background music when paging announcements are not being made

doctors in a hospital

Focus on what matters most

Doctors are the lifeblood of any healthcare facility and their world revolves around timely information
    • Code Blue alerts are delivered to the right people at the right time
    • Easily reach staff anywhere in the facility
    • Receive timely emergency alerts
    • Contactless 2-way intercoms help doctors and staff communicate
    • Synchronized clocks help doctors and staff treat patients more effectively



Security officer in hospital

Reach everyone on campus

Carina:Building provides you with an easy way to reach everyone in the building, even team members over mobile radios
    • Send campus wide alerts with the push of a button
    • Pick up a phone and reach out over mobile radios
    • Lockdown the entire facility or certain areas instantly
    • Elopement notifications when patients wander away
Carina Server easy management for IT Directors

Greatly reducing IT management

IT is stressful, Carina:Building makes things simple from the start and streamlines day-to-day management now and into the future.
    • Simple system configuration and management through a single dashboard
    • Zero-touch provisioning to simplify installation
    • Upgrade firmware of all devices on the network
    • Device health reports and proactive issue alerts
    • Direct technical support from Wahsega’s support team
    • Simple system and end point testing

Facility maintenance clear campus view

Clear view of building operations

Carina:Building continuously monitors buildings keeping small problems from turning into disasters.
  • Reach staff through their mobile radios

Monitor and provide proactive alerts

  • HVAC system efficiency
  • Building wide air quality
  • Door security, water leaks, and gas leaks, etc.
  • Cafeteria refrigeration equipment
  • Lightning strikes

Control building services

  • Sprinklers
  • Security Cameras
  • Access Control
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-What's in the Review-

Build a Better Facility -
A Guide to Carina:Building


Software - trusted globally, running on over 1 billion devices


Hardware - robust, Made in the USA digital devices that work every time


Coverage - reach everyone but more importantly, people and buildings can reach out for help

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Pivoting to Pandemic Protocols

“Wahsega speakers and IP displays are great because they can be monitored and controlled remotely.”

 Rick Lyons – Network Engineer

Complete coverage for the same budget

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective PA system?

Our PA system provides complete building coverage, and our technology reduces cabling costs by up to 50%, making it the most affordable option.


School Price Example→

Think you can't afford IP?

Upgrade to Carina:Building on any budget.
Our system is customizable for any use-case


Carina Event Manager

Carina Event Manager is required for all solutions

Code Blue

Location-based Code Blue alerts ensure that nearby staff receive vital audio and visual information to save a patient's life.

Ceiling Speaker+Small IP Display+Call Panic Button

Ceiling speaker + Small IP Display + Call/Panic button


Ceiling Speaker

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Small IP Display

Small IP Display and Speaker

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Call & Panic Button

IP Panic and Call Button

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Building Monitoring

Monitor every building system from HVAC operation efficiency, water heaters to refrigeration units. Carina alerts you when a problem arises.

+IoT Sensor Interface Appliance icon

Sensor Interface ApplianceIoT Sensors

Sensor Interface Appliance

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IoT Sensors

IoT Sensor Interface Appliance icon


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Complete Coverage

Your message reaches everyone when it matters most both indoors and outside. Carina delivers crisp, intelligible audio with easy to read visuals.

Ceiling Speaker+Outdoor IP Speaker Icon+Small IP Display+Call Panic Button

Ceiling speaker + Outdoor speaker + IP display + Call/Panic button

Ceiling Speaker

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Outdoor Speaker

Outdoor IP Speaker Icon

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IP Display

Small IP Display and Speaker

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Call & Panic Button

IP Panic and Call Button


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