“Wahsega speakers and IP displays are great because they can be monitored and controlled remotely.”

Rick Lyons – Network Engineer


When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Fauquier Health (Warrenton, Virginia) implemented pandemic protocols to reduce the spread of COVID within the hospital. The Fauquier IT team was tasked to eliminate non-essential same room interaction between medical staff and patient families.

Doctors accustomed to providing in-person post-surgery updates to patient families needed to quickly shift their process with the help of their IT Team.

How would Fauquier Health’s IT team quickly comply with pandemic protocols?

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Fauquier Hospital IP Speaker Diagram Map


The IT team installed one Wahsega IP Display in the doctor’s post-op area, and one Wahsega Speaker in a hospital boardroom. Utilizing the 2-way communication intercom feature of the Wahsega solution, Doctors conveyed results of surgeries and prognosis to family members in the boardroom, complying with pandemic safety protocols.

Fauquier Health Staff, Doctors and Nurses


The Wahsega technology solution helped Faquier’s IT Team quickly meet pandemic safety protocols. This solution was so effective, the hospital purchased 4 more Wahsega speakers to replicate the post-op process, and is planning to install Wahsega IP Displays across their entire facility. Their long-term goal is to use IoT devices throughout the hospital to help further their ability to function seamlessly and provide better patient outcomes.

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