Outdoor IP Speakers

Coming Fall 2021

Robust outdoor IP speakers that truly enables full coverage for any building. With weatherproof housing, a bright LED and crystal clear audio, these speakers not only project intelligible audio but they can also allow people to reach out for help with an attached Carina Help Station. In addition, a primary outdoor speaker can power up to four other speakers for additional coverage and huge cost savings.

Outdoor IP Horn Speaker White Icon

Intelligent Outdoor IP Speakers


Coming Fall 2021

IP Horn front view

Outdoor IP Speaker



Clear Audio

Intelligible Audio

Crisp audio for everyone outside a building

Clear Audio


Rugged design to handle any outdoor environment

Clear Audio

Help Stations

People can reach out for help on the outside of a building

Clear Audio

Visual Alerts

Large and bright LED to make sure everyone is notified

Clear Audio

Cost Savings

Primary speaker powers up to four additional outdoor speakers

Complete coverage for the same budget

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

The Future of Building Safety

Don't get stuck in the past when your people are relying on you to create a safe environment for them day in and day out. The benefit of Carina is that you get a next generation mass notification system for less than the price of a legacy system.


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Powered by Carina

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Wahsega devices automatically register with a Carina server allowing you to quickly test, configure and manage each device. 

Help Station Call Location

When the help station button has been pushed, Carina will tell the right people exactly where the call came from so that help can be quickly routed.


Protect your people with a next-generation digital platform for the same price as old legacy systems.

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