IP Displays

Wahsega’s line of PoE powered IP Displays allow you to reach everyone in a building with both audio and visual alerts. On the flip side, people are able to reach out for help by simply pushing a button connected to an IP display. Custom messaging in any color will scroll over the LED display and integrated flashers will blink or remain solid during announcements.

IP Display Speaker

Next Generation IP Displays

IP Wall Display and Speaker

Double Sided Wall Mount IP Display

Perfect for hallways
IP Dual Display with top ceiling mount and speaker

Double Sided Ceiling Mount IP Display

Mount to ceiling for bidirectional audio and visuals


Reach Everyone

Custom Messaging

Scrolling text takes over during emergency

Reach Everyone

Integrated Flashers

Fully customizable colors and blinking behavior

Reach Everyone

ADA Compliance

Ensure that everyone receives the message

Reach Everyone

Panic Button

Reach out for help from any IP Display

Complete coverage for the same budget

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective PA system?

Our PA system provides complete building coverage, and our technology reduces cabling costs by up to 50%, making it the most affordable option.


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Powered by Carina

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Wahsega devices automatically register with a Carina server allowing you to quickly test, configure and manage each device. 

Automatic Clock Synchronization

All Wahsega IP Displays will automatically synchronize the time on your network without any configuration necessary. Out of sync clocks are a thing of the past.

Simplified Management

Easily control all IP Displays and send custom audio and visual notifications to all or specific groups of displays.

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