Safety IoT for All

Protecting people and linking device management with building intelligence to create the next-generation platform for mass notification.
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Transparent Pricing

Complete Coverage

Problems with today’s systems

  • Expensive endpoint license fees that continue to increase as you expand
  • Broken communication – Multiple systems needed becomes overkill and expensive to purchase and maintain
  • Recurring costs come out of operating budgets (OpEx)
  • Existing “IP” or “Digital” systems are too expensive
  • Retrofitting existing buildings is cost prohibitive
Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Wahsega’s Solution

  • No endpoint licensing fees
  • Capital expenditure friendly pricing model
  • 50% reduced installation costs
  • Future Proof – Protects your investment
  • A single solution for full coverage

125 Talkback Speaker Deployment Example

32 Talkback Speaker Deployment Example

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Carina ROI

Saves Money


less IT time managing and testing

less power consumption

Saves Money

more frequent new feature releases

reduction in repair & maintenance costs with IoT monitoring

Complete coverage for the same budget

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

The Future of Building Safety

Don’t get stuck in the past when your people are relying on you to create a safe environment for them day in and day out. The benefit of Carina is that you get a next generation mass notification system for less than the price of a legacy system.


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