We often receive requests from third parties to use our logos and trademarked content in a number of different ways including advertisements, marketing materials, websites, etc. As a result, we have crafted some guidelines to ensure that Wahsega® brand and our products (i.e. Carina®) are always represented accurately. In order to gain access to the Wahsega and Carina logos, trademarked content, image library and more, you must first register as a licensee.

Already an approved licensee? If you’re an approved licensee of a Wahsega or Carina trademark or logo, you should have received our brand guidelines and brand portal login information with your license agreement. If you have any questions surrounding trademark or logo usage, please contact Wahsega Marketing.


When can I use the Wahsega and/or Carina logos? You may only use the Wahsega or Carina logos (or our trademarked products) in connection with the distribution of genuine Wahsega products, solutions or services. Any use of our brand and visual identity must abide by the requirements and restrictions set out both here and in our visual identity guidelines.

When can I NOT use the Wahsega and/or Carina Protected Content? Unless you have specific usage rights outlined in your licensing agreement, you may not use these as part of your company name, product name, logo, domain name, eCommerce / store name, social media handles, social media icons, dual branded merchandise or in any manor that paints Wahsega or Carina in a negative light.

Use in Advertising, Marketing, Websites and Promotional Materials. Only Wahsega and our authorized licensees may use the Wahsega logo, Carina logo, product logos or other trademarked content in advertising, marketing, websites and promotional materials as outlined in your approved licensing agreement.

Proper Trademark Notice and Attribution. Be sure to use the registered trademark symbol for the Wahsega brand, the Carina product and any associated trademarked products as outlined in our brand guidelines.

In writing, a registered trademark symbol (®) appears immediately following the trademarked word. Use the registered trademark symbol (®) the first time the Wahsega and Carina names appear in the text of the advertisement, marketing material, website or other material

Attribution of Wahsega’s ownership of its trademarks must be included in any footnotes or legal verbiage used within your materials (i.e. The Carina name, symbol and logomarks are registered trademarks of Wahsega Labs, LLC.)