School PA System

  • School Intercom System
  • School Bell System
  • Teacher Microphone

An affordable, reliable and easy to use school PA system

School PA System

  • School Intercom System
  • School Bell System
  • Teacher Microphone


Complete School Communications System

Complete School Communications System
  • Overhead Paging System
  • Classroom Intercom System
  • VoIP Phone Compatible
  • Wireless Microphone System
Warehouse Doorbell
Outdoor IP Speaker Paging
Outdoor IP Speaker Paging

School PA System

Broadcast announcements and emergency notifications to any area on campus.

Indoor Intercom Speaker
Indoor Intercom Speaker

School Intercom System

Hands free 2-way communications between classroom and front office.

Voice Reinforcement
Voice Reinforcement

School Bell System

Easily set bell schedules for specific dates and days of the week.

VOIP Phone Compatible
VOIP Phone Compatible


Advanced digital technology for less than legacy system pricing.

VOIP Phone Compatible
VOIP Phone Compatible

Classroom RF Microphone

A classroom audio system with 4 channel mixer, integrated wireless microphone and system control panel.

VOIP Phone Compatible
VOIP Phone Compatible

VoIP Phone Compatible

Broadcast paging messages from your existing VoIP phone system (most brands supported).

 Trusted by school systems across the country

Glen Lake Schools

West Jefferson Hills School District

Jefferson Hills, PA

Gerry Dawson

Technology Director, West Jefferson Hills School District


“With Carina, we got a comprehensive platform with a fully digital paging system, synchronized clock and bell scheduler.”

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Justice Schools Exterior

St. Stanislaus Kostka Academy

Chicago, IL

Robert Vickman

Principal, St. Stanislaus Kostka Academy


“Adoption of the Carina system has significantly improved the school’s communication capabilities, safety protocols and operational efficiency.”

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Trinity Christian Academy

Jacksonville, FL

Dante McNeil

IT Director, Trinity Christian Academy


“Now the bells work every time which the teachers love, they don’t have to keep track of changing schedules, it’s just massively improved.”

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Schleicher County ISD

Eldorado, TX

J.D. Doyle

Technology Director, Schleicher County ISD


“With the Carina system, I can control everything from a website; I can easily adjust the volume in each classroom.”

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Carina Overview PDF Image

-What's in the Review-

Build a Better Facility -
A Guide to Carina:Building


Software - trusted globally, running on over 1 billion devices


Hardware - robust, Made in the USA digital devices that work every time


Coverage - reach everyone but more importantly, people and buildings can reach out for help

Benefits for everyone on campus

Carina Server easy management for IT Directors

Greatly reducing IT management

IT is stressful, Carina:Building makes things simple from the start and streamlines day-to-day management now and into the future.
  • Simple system configuration and management through a single dashboard
  • Zero-touch provisioning to simplify installation
  • Upgrade firmware of all devices on the network
  • Device health reports and proactive issue alerts
  • Direct technical support from Wahsega’s support team
  • Simple system and end point testing
School superintendent sitting

Keep the entire district safe

You have not only the students and faculty to think but also the school board and parents. Carina:Building makes it simple to implement the safety protocols that your district needs.
    • You can reach everyone, anytime
    • Implement new safety drills with ease
    • Carina saves you money to spend in other areas
    • Become a hero to the school board

School Principal communicating

Be Heard Around Campus

Carina:Building reduces the stress of day to day management of your campus, improving student learning, and keep your teachers happy.
    • Reach everyone on campus
    • Setup your bell schedule for the year
    • PA system for daily morning announcements
    • Paging by zone or the entire campus anytime
    • Lockdown the entire campus for emergencies
    • Help stations alert staff when assistance is needed
    • Live announcements campus-wide or to any speaker zone
Students in a classroom learning

Keeping Students Safe

Carina:Building creates a safe learning environment allowing your students to focus on learning.
    • Create a safe classroom environment for your students
    • Protect every student with ADA compliance
    • Increase subject matter retention
    • PA system reaches every student across campus
    • Kids can focus on their education instead of worrying about an unsafe classroom

Safety resource officers police vehicle

Confidence on the front line

You have the full weight of protecting everyone on campus for every second that they are there. Carina:Building provides tools and intelligence to help you accomplish that with ease.
    • Lockdown a campus during an active shooter event
    • Students and faculty can reach out for help
    • Receive alerts over mobile radios
    • Reach everyone at a moments notice
    • Implement new safety protocols easily and effectively
    • Pre-record announcements for severe weather warnings, active shooter lockdown, fire evacuation, and more

Teachers in a classroom with students

Teachers Love This

Better learning starts when a teacher can easily communicate throughout the day.
  • Reduce overworked vocal cords from voice projection
  • Improved teacher safety with classroom panic button
  • Teachers can single-press to call the front office, or long-press their classroom panic button to call security
  • Single audio system for classroom multimedia and announcements
  • Hands-free intercom system

Facility maintenance clear campus view

Clear view of building operations

Carina:Building continuously monitors buildings keeping small problems from turning into disasters.
  • Reach staff through their mobile radios

Monitor and provide proactive alerts

  • HVAC system efficiency
  • Building wide air quality
  • Door security, water leaks, and gas leaks, etc.
  • Cafeteria refrigeration equipment
  • Lightning strikes

Control building services

  • Sprinklers
  • Security Cameras
  • Access Control

Complete coverage for the same budget

IP versus Legacy PA Systems
IP versus Legacy PA Systems

Is your school PA system broken?

For schools seeking budget friendly school paging systems, our innovative technology significantly reduces wiring expenses, slashing cabling costs by as much as 50%. By wiring two classrooms for the price of one, schools get complete campus coverage for less than a legacy system.


Upgrade on Any Budget →


Carina Event Manager

Carina Event Manager is required for all solutions

Complete Coverage

Using the Bell Scheduler or paging reach everyone when it matters most. Your message will be seen and heard inside and outdoors with crisp audio and clear visuals.

Ceiling Speaker+Outdoor IP Speaker Icon+Small IP Display+Call Panic Button

Ceiling speaker + Outdoor speaker + IP display + Call/Panic button

Ceiling Speaker

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Outdoor Speaker

Outdoor IP Speaker Icon

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IP Display

Small IP Display and Speaker

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Call & Panic Button

IP Panic and Call Button

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Classroom Audio

Eliminate the need for multiple audio systems with Carina. Teachers can play multimedia audio and reduce vocal strain with wireless microphones during lessons.

Ceiling Speaker+Handheld Microphone

Ceiling Speaker + Wireless Microphone Kit

Ceiling Speaker

ceiling speaker

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Wireless Microphone Kit

Wireless Microphone Kit

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Building Monitoring

Monitor every building system from HVAC operation efficiency, water heaters to refrigeration units. Carina alerts you when a problem arises.

+ IoT Sensor Interface Appliance icon

Sensor Interface Appliance + IoT sensors

Sensor Interface Appliance

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IoT Sensors

IoT Sensor Interface Appliance icon

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