When Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) received their CRRSA funding, they needed to completely replace their old analog PA system before the new semester started.


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After approval for CRRSA funding, TCA needed to replace their old analog PA system over a 4-day holiday before students returned for the next semester.

An aging analog PA system presented the following problems for the school:

  • As analog classroom speakers stopped working from age or were damaged in lightning storms, repair and/or replacement became too expensive.
  • Some classroom call buttons worked, but every semester more teachers used their personal mobile phones to communicate with the front office.
  • Adjusting the bell schedule for modified schedule days was nearly impossible; teachers would tell students which bells to ignore.

As Dante started researching an all-digital PA system, he discovered pricing was usually only available after requesting a quote. When he visited Wahsega’s website, he was surprised to find all of Wahsega’s pricing available on the website.

Could Wahsega meet TCA’s budget for a new all-digital PA system and deliver Carina hardware in time?


After reviewing Wahsega’s pricing, Dante knew that Wahsega’s solution would be within his budget and contacted Wahsega for a final quote and equipment availability.

A local Solutions Advisor at Wahsega returned a complete quote within 1 business day and checked inventory levels to ensure hardware was available.

TCA’s vendor installed the Carina PA/Intercom speakers and IP Call/Panic buttons in every classroom over the school break.



Dante didn’t know if he could get the entire TCA bell schedule working on the first day of the new semester. His contingency plan was to leave the old analog system in place in case the new system didn’t work. Dante set up TCA’s entire bell schedule in Carina in minutes, and no longer needed his old analog PA system. The new Carina PA system, intercom functionality, and all of the call buttons worked on the first day across the entire campus.

Key Benefits of TCA’s new all-digital PA system:

  • Clear crisp audio announcements in every classroom
  • Bell Schedule easy to adjust and manage
  • Teachers no longer using their personal phones
  • Each speaker can be assigned to up to 20 zones

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Extra long IP Display for mass notification

Wahsega Call/Panic Button

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