IoT Building Monitoring

Wahsega’s speakers are also IoT hubs for connecting up to 3 dry contact IoT devices.

Extension second room speaker

IoT Hubs that control and monitor it all


Wall Mount IP Speaker


2x2 Ceiling Speaker

2×2 Ceiling IP Speaker

Powered by Carina

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Wahsega devices automatically register with a Carina server allowing you to quickly test, configure and manage each device. 

IoT Sensor Monitoring & Control

Through a single dashboard, you can monitor all of the sensors connected to the Carina IoT Sensor Interface Appliance. Using the Carina Calendar Scheduling feature, you can schedule periodic events like sprinklers or gate openings.  Using Carina Scripts you can create custom notification plans for detected emergencies like water in the IT closet or cafeteria freezers operating at unsafe temperatures.  


We are constantly innovating and adding new features to Carina. Our customers will always have access to the latest software releases without paying additional fees.

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