Wireless Classroom Microphones

  • Hands-free Wireless Microphone
  • Classroom audio system with 4-channel mixer
  • Integrated wireless microphone and system control panel
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Wireless Classroom Microphones

Teacher Microphone Kit

Carina Teacher Wireless Mic Kit with Call Button

Student Microphone Kit

Wireless Student Mic with charging cradle (add-on)



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Teacher Voice Reinforcement

Reduces teachers vocal stress and allows students throughout the classroom to better understand the teachers instructions for increased student comprehension.

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Classroom Audio System

Integrates different classroom audio sources into a single audio system with simple controls. Support for distance learning audio.

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Carina:PA Integration

Microphone system is powered by the Carina Speaker and is fully integrated, muting local audio for school announcements and critical events.
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$599 MSRP Teacher Mic Kit. Why spend thousands of dollars per classroom for other solutions?

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Front Desk Communications

The Carina Microphone can replace the speaker’s built-in microphone for improved audio quality with the front office.

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Request Classroom Assistance

The teacher microphone has a dedicated multi function button that can place calls to the front office or request urgent help in the classroom.

Complete coverage for the same budget

IP versus legacy analog mass notification systems

Looking for a reliable and cost-effective PA system?

Our PA system provides complete building coverage, and our technology reduces cabling costs by up to 50%, making it the most affordable option.


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Powered by Carina

Zero-Touch Provisioning

Wahsega devices automatically register with a Carina server allowing you to quickly test, configure and manage each device. 

Help Station Call Location

When the help station button has been pushed, Carina will tell the right people exactly where the call came from so that help can be quickly routed.


Protect your people with a next-generation digital platform for the same price as old legacy systems.

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