Schleicher ISD needed an affordable and reliable PA System to replace their 40-year-old analog PA system. They installed an easy to use Carina system, with 2-way intercom, bell scheduler, and an emergency notification system.


Schleicher County ISD’s PA system was over 40 years old and destined to completely fail at any moment. Their old analog PA system consisted of aluminum wires wrapped with cloth, and ran off vacuum tubes. Spare parts were so obsolete that they had to replace broken parts with used parts from other schools. Their PA system was destined to crash and never recover.


With a 40-year-old PA system, JD Doyle searched for a replacement PA system within a reasonable budget for the coming school year. He explored various PA systems, but only with Wahsega could he reduce his cabling labor costs (the most expensive part of the new system) by almost 50%. Since the new PA system was also used for emergency announcements and the call buttons used to contact 911, the PA system qualified under ESSER fundingWorking with Wahsega’s partner, Austen Consultants, Schleicher ISD was able to budget, install and fully implement the Carina platform before the new school year.


Schleicher ISD got more than just a new PA system for recorded and live announcements. Carina, made by Wahsega, also served as a 2-way intercom, bell scheduler, and emergency notification system. Even the volume for individual classrooms could be easily adjusted via the simple Carina web interface.

Key Benefits for Schleicher’s new all-digital PA system:

  • Easily setup and configure the PA system, intercom and bell schedule from a single simple Carina web interface.
  • Live announcements can be made from any VoIP phone, instead of a single device in the principal’s office.
  • In emergency situations, teachers can hold down the call button in their classrooms to call 911.
  • Teachers no longer use their personal phones to communicate with the front office.

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Extra long IP Display for mass notification

Wahsega Call/Panic Button

Large IP Display and Speaker

Wahsega Large IP Display

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