Argyle ISD found 20% of their brand new PA speakers going offline at any given time, causing safety concerns. Greg Royar, CTO, sought a new solution and found Wahsega’s speakers to be 100% reliable, improving overall safety and eliminating constant checking for offline speakers.

About Argyle Independent School District

Argyle ISD is a rapidly growing school district located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area, building new schools every year.

Wth the growth of Argyle ISD, construction of new schools and installation of new PA systems is a key component of that expansion.

Problems Solved

  • Safety Concerns
  • Unreliable Hardware


Greg Royar, CTO of Argyle ISD, was faced with a safety issue due to 20% of brand new speakers going offline at any given time in the latest school build. Even a minute-long connection loss resulted in 50% to 75% of speakers not re-registering, forcing Greg to manually reboot switch ports. This caused disruptions and safety concerns if there were to be a school lockdown.


When plans for the next school began, Greg decided to find a new speaker vendor and asked for recommendations from his trusted partner, Bill at Presidio. Bill recommended Wahsega speakers for their reliability and reputation.

Wahsega speakers were installed throughout the next school that was built, South Argyle Elementary school.


  • Hardware reliability – Wahsega speakers did not randomly go offline.
  • Volume Control – Greg adjusted the volume of each speaker to accommodate the noise environment. Wahsega speakers were loud enough to be heard in loud environments.


Greg found Wahsega speakers installed in South Argyle Elementary to be 100% reliable. This school, South Argyle Elementary, is the only school where Greg doesn’t have to worry about offline speakers. He knows that if there is a lockdown, everyone will get the message.

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