Frustrated with the constant failure of their analog speakers, St. Edward’s Private School located in Vero Beach, Florida moved to an IP-based notification system with Wahsega hardware and InformaCast software.

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA December 10, 2021

Wahsega 2×2 Ceiling IP Speaker with InformaCast Installed in St. Edward’s Schools Classroom

“It has been a great partnership from my standpoint. Very clean installation with easy setup. It’s been a great fit, you can tell everyone involved knows what they’re doing.” says Quen Voyles, IT director at St. Edward’s School.


St. Edward’s School’s 20+-year-old aging analog PA system was a maintenance nightmare with speakers that broke frequently. As replacement speakers became discontinued, Quen Voyles, IT Director, found himself buying hard-to-source analog speakers to have on hand for when the speakers inevitably failed. PA Speakers were located in the ceilings of his classrooms, and required sections of tile to be cut out when a speaker needed to be replaced. The complexity of maintaining this analog system frustrated Voyles, and he began looking for a modern school notification system that was reliable and easy to install.


St. Edward’s school selected Wahsega hardware and InformaCast software. InformaCast software delivers important school messages throughout their campus.

Wahsega 2×2 Ceiling IP Speakers with InformaCast are designed for easy installation. The all-in-one design makes installations as easy as dropping in the entire speaker and connecting via ethernet cabling. The design of Wahsega 2×2 Ceiling IP Speakers blends seamlessly into tiled ceilings found in most school classrooms and offices.


In one summer, St. Edward’s installed Wahsega 2×2 IP Ceiling Speakers and Call/Panic Buttons in all classrooms across 15 campus buildings. Voyles described the solution as a great fit, he was “thrilled to have IP in the budget.” Voyles no longer needs to stash replacement analog speakers or cut ceiling tile to install new speakers.

Key Takeaways For St. Edward’s School

  • Live paging announcements and pre-recorded InformaCast messages play through the Wahsega 2×2 Ceiling IP Speakers located in every room, giving St. Edward’s campus-wide audio coverage.
  • Wahsega Call/Panic Buttons establish immediate two-way communication between students and administrators.
  • Wahsega Sound Reinforcement Panels allow teachers to use Wahsega 2×2 IP Ceiling Speakers as an audio system that connects to microphones and computers that help amplify voices and media content in classrooms.

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Extra long IP Display for mass notification

Wahsega 2×2 Ceiling IP Speakers with InformaCast

Large IP Display and Speaker

Wahsega Call/Panic Button

Wahsega Single Channel Sound Reinforcement Panel

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