Pinellas County Schools installed call buttons in every classroom to enable teachers and students to communicate in emergency and non-emergency situations.


Pinellas County Schools is the 7th largest public school district in Florida and 26th-largest in the nation. Over 100,000 students are enrolled across 140 schools within the county.

Pinelles County Call Button


A student collapses in the middle of class. The teacher races over to the student to help. Now the teacher needs to call for help, but the classroom phone is 30 feet away. To get help quickly, the teacher instructs another student to pick up the classroom phone and dial the front office extension. The helper student fumbles around attempting to operate the classroom phone, wasting precious seconds during a medical emergency.

Pinellas County Schools needed a way for students and staff to easily call for help, without the use of a phone system and complicated pin codes.


Pinellas County Schools installed call buttons in every classroom in addition to the existing classroom phone lines. When a call button is pressed, a call is initiated via the InformaCast mass notification system from the classroom to the front office. The front office can see exactly which classroom has pressed their call button, and communicate via built-in microphone in the Wahsega IP speaker.

Wahsega with InformaCast Key Benefits for Pinellas County Schools

  • Anyone can call for help with a single press
  • Front office knows location of emergency
  • Seamless InformaCast software integration

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Wahsega with InformaCast

Two-way Audio

Crisp two-way audio

Hands-free calling in both directions
Two-way Audio

Panic Button

Allows people to reach out for help with location data
Two-way Audio

Cost Savings

Reduce cabling expenses by up to 50%
Two-way Audio

Custom Messaging

Scrolling text takes over during emergency


After Pinellas County Schools completed their installation of their Wahsega hardware and InformaCast mass notification system, teachers and students were able to communicate hand-free with the front office. The front office could see which classroom had pressed their call button instead of asking the caller for location information. This saved valuable time during emergency situations.
pinellas county schools test lab

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Extra long IP Display for mass notification

Wahsega Extra Large IP Display with InformaCast

Large IP Display and Speaker

Wahsega Large IP Display with InformaCast

Carina Event Manager

Wahsega Call/Panic Button

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