Destin High School recently opened their doors with the Carina® platform fully installed and working as their all-digital PA system, intercom, bell scheduler, and clock sync.

Destin, Florida

About Destin High School

Destin High School (DHS) offers a wide array of programs from STEM to Business, Cybersecurity/AI, and Commercial Fishing. As the “Home of the Sharks,” DHS offers a full range of sports including: basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball/softball, tennis, golf, swimming, archery, cross country/track, wrestling, and recently kicked-off their football program.

Need for Mass Notification

As a school focused on student safety, they searched for a state-of-the-art mass notification system that could alert all students in all areas of the campus. DHS found their solution with Carina, made by Wahsega, and discovered additional benefits including the intercom, bell scheduler and clock sync.

Key Benefits for DHS

DHS was outfitted with both visual and audio endpoints with Large IP Displays, Double Sided IP Displays, and 2×2 Ceiling IP Speakers in every area of the school.

Chris Harris set up the PA system, intercom, bell scheduler, and clocks in the Carina Event Manager dashboard. Teachers can now call the front office with a single press of their classroom call button.

Pinelles County Call Button

Beyond the state-of-the-art system, Carina didn’t break the bank when it came to staying in the school’s budget. Your local Wahsega solutions advisor can help you implement this affordable all-digital PA / Intercom and Bell system too.

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