Do you need a fast five-minute STEM activity for your elementary, middle school, or high school students?
We recently hosted over 50 high school students in our facility for FOCO Works Industry Tour Day. The student visit included a facility tour, speaking with engineers, and making a quick STEM project to keep. Check out our 360 recap video:

In this fast 5-minute STEM activity, students will make a wearable Georgia pin with an LED representing the location of Atlanta. Feel free to substitute your state and city.

We designed our Georgia pin in Tinkercad and inserted an opening to fit the LED. Since we’re also a manufacturing facility, we created the BOM (Bill of Materials) to accompany our kits.



  • Scissors (to cut the electrical tape)


  1. Connect battery, Positive (+) to the longer lead and negative (-) to the shorter lead
  2. Tape the battery and leads to the back of the pin
  1. Insert LED into back of pin
  2. Bend leads of LED down toward the flat part of the pin
  1. Remove the adhesive from the pin back and adhere to the back of the pin

Finished Project

For Large School Groups:

Before the school groups arrived, we assembled kits in sandwich bags:

Lesson for Students:

Our lesson was how Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering partnered to design and prototype future products.

Mechanical Engineering: Design and 3D printing of the pins.
Electrical Engineering: LED, resistor, and battery connection.


Thank you Wahsega employees who helped make FOCO Industry Tours at Wahsega a huge success:

Alissa Rice, Haris Jafri, Rachel Coonley, KaVon Lassiter, Doug Phillips, Chuck Lail, Stephen Jablonski, Kelley Conway, Andrej Tichy, Rosie Gentry, and Caroline Dunn

Behind the Scenes

All of the Georgia shaped pins were 3D printed in our factory.

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