About Caddo Parish Public Schools

Caddo Parish Public Schools is a public school district located in the northeast corner of Louisiana, on the west side of Shreveport, with 58 schools and approximately 37,000 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Problems Solved

  • Limited Budget
  • Tight Timeframe
  • Aging Hardware


PA System: With a limited budget, Caddo could only afford installation labor in a few schools each year, which meant that a district-wide replacement would take many years.

Bell Scheduler: Caddo limped along with an unreliable bell system that required a reboot after every storm.


Thanks to Wahsega’s wiring reduction technology, we installed new PA systems in twice as many schools than we could otherwise. – Brandy Blanchard, IT Project Manager


Wahsega’s exclusive wiring technology reduced installation labor costs for Caddo by almost 50%. The savings were allocated to the next school that needed a new PA system.


A huge benefit was the secondary speaker with half the wiring, it was a godsend for our limited budget. – Brandy Blanchard, IT Project Manager

With the implementation of Carina, Caddo deactivated their stand-alone disparate systems.

Key Benefits for Caddo Parish Schools

  • Saved significantly on installation labor costs across the entire school district.
  • Comprehensive PA, intercom, bell scheduler, and emergency notification system.


By helping Caddo reduce installation costs by almost 50%, Caddo installed new Carina systems in twice as many schools each year on the same budget.

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