If you work in a school, you know how important it is to maintain effective communication across all areas of the campus. Outdoor spaces such as the bus loading zone, track, parking lots, and playgrounds are vital parts of the school environment. But can your students hear important announcements while outside? This capability is critical, especially in emergencies such as inclement weather or an active shooter situation.

The Limitations of Typical School Outdoor Speakers

Traditional outdoor speakers used in schools often feature a cone in the middle. This design is intended to amplify sound by bouncing sound waves against the inner sides of the bell.

However, this middle cone has significant drawbacks.

  • At lower frequencies, such as male voices, it can be hard to understand.
  • At higher frequencies, it muffles words with ‘t’ and ‘s’ sounds, like “test” or “crisis,” 
  • Increases distortion by 20dB-30dB, making the audio difficult to understand.

Loud audio is not good audio if highly distorted, as it poses a serious problem for students to hear important details during an emergency.

Wahsega’s Innovative Solution

Wahsega has completely changed the game with innovative outdoor speakers. The engineers at Wahsega designed outdoor horns without the traditional cone in the middle. Instead, a unique bell shape was created to enhance sound clarity without muffling words. This design choice was rigorously tested by Klippel, a renowned acoustics testing company. Their tests demonstrated that Wahsega outdoor speakers achieve higher decibel levels at human hearing frequencies (300 Hz to 9 kHz), ensuring announcements are loud and clear.

Built to Last: Weatherproof and Durable

In addition to superior sound quality, durability is a critical factor when selecting outdoor speakers. Wahsega outdoor speakers are designed to withstand the elements. These outdoor horns are weatherproof and UV-resistant, featuring IP65 weatherproof housing and UV-resistant ASA plastic. These materials and certifications (UL Certified E108538) ensure the speakers remain operational and maintain their quality over time, even in harsh weather conditions.

Clear Communication When It Matters Most

Clear and intelligible audio announcements are essential for student safety and effective communication. Wahsega’s outdoor speakers provide this clarity, ensuring that even subtle sounds in words are distinctly heard. This is crucial in emergency situations where every word can make a difference.


The choice of outdoor speakers for schools is no small matter. It involves ensuring both the clarity of emergency and routine announcements and the durability of the equipment. Wahsega’s innovative approach, with its unique bell shape and absence of a central cone, ensures superior sound quality. Coupled with their durable, weatherproof construction, Wahsega speakers are an ideal choice for schools seeking reliable and effective outdoor communication solutions. Investing in high-quality outdoor speakers from Wahsega not only enhances everyday communication but also ensures critical messages are heard loud and clear when it matters most.

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