The A.W. Brown Leadership Academy in Dallas, Texas has chosen the Carina platform to handle emergency notifications.


The A.W. Brown Leadership Academy in Dallas, Texas has chosen the Carina platform to handle emergency notifications, audio paging, clock synchronization and bell scheduling for their two campuses supporting pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Carina Key Benefits for A.W. BROWN

  • Fully Digital PA System
  • Classroom Intercom System
  • Synchronized Clocks and Bell Scheduler

Since their founding in 1999, A.W. Brown Leadership Academy has been using an older legacy PA system for announcements, but over the years with speakers dropping off, they needed a modern solution. They wanted a fully IP system with every safety feature available, but it needed to fit within their budget. Carina fit the bill on both cost and functionality, saving them thousands of dollars in installation costs by utilizing Wahsega’s wiring reduction technology.

Throughout each campus, Wahsega IP speakers have been placed in every classroom along with a call panic button allowing teachers to reach out for help in a matter of seconds. In larger common areas, Wahsega IP Displays have been installed to ensure that vital messages are heard by both students and faculty. Using the built-in flashers and LED display, faculty will send out text information that scrolls across the screen and flashers will blink to get everyone’s attention, even in noisy areas. The Carina platform is used to manage all of the devices along with the bell scheduler, clock synchronization and emergency alerts from a simple-to-use interface.

About Wahsega

Wahsega offers a next-generation mass notification and safety IoT platform called Carina. The Carina platform protects people and buildings by linking device management with building intelligence all through a single dashboard. Using Carina intelligent devices, you can get the message out to everyone in and around your building during an emergency.

All Wahsega products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA.

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