Jessieville School District overhauled their PA System with digital signage to ensure students can see and hear announcements across campus.

Jessieville, Arkansas

About Jessieville School District

Jessieville School District was formed in 1931 in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. Today Jessieville educates students from PreSchool to High School and their mission is to “strengthen student’s integrity, engagement and success in a safe and orderly environment.”

Need for Visual IP Displays

As a school focused on “a safe and orderly environment,” Jessieville searched for visual displays in addition to the traditional audio only PA speakers. They found their PA system solution with Carina, made by Wahsega, and discovered additional benefits including the intercom, bell scheduler, and clock sync.
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Key Benefits of Wahsega IP Displays

DCS Telecom installed Small IP Displays and Double Sided IP Displays throughout the school district. Messages entered by a school administrator can be sent or scheduled to display the IP Display Speakers via the Carina Event Manager. As a bonus, the IP Displays show the time and date and automatically update for Daylight Savings Time.
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Now students can visually read and audibly hear important messages broadcast across campus. Connect with your local Wahsega solutions advisor to learn more about Carina, our affordable all-digital PA / Intercom and Bell Scheduler system.

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