Everyone can enjoy high-definition sound from your Carina speakers, receive alerts from IoT devices, while enjoying enhanced security. Carina 2.6 is included at no additional cost to subscribers and does not require new hardware.

Carina 2.6 Release Summary:

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Enhanced Audio Quality for Music

Do you stream music throughout your campus or facility? 

Enjoy high-definition, 48kHz sound from your Carina system for:

  • Playing your school’s fight song 
  • Streaming music throughout your facility
  • Creating ambiance with background music

Why 48kHz?

Wahsega Engineering has updated Carina IP Speaker firmware to sample at 48kHz, which is considered high resolution by Sony Electronics and most major labels. That means your school’s fight song will sound better than ever after updating your Carina Speaker firmware.

Safety IoT Hub Enabled

Did you know that every Carina speaker includes an IoT hub?

Every Carina speaker is now an IoT hub for connecting up to 3 dry contact IoT devices.

A dry contact IoT device can be connected to inputs 2, 3, or 4 to any Carina speaker or Carina IP Display. (Input 1 is usually connected to an IP Panic/Call button.) 

In the example below, Carina detects motion in a restricted area and alerts appropriate locations.

Device Authorization for Security

Prevent unauthorized endpoints from joining your Carina network. As of Carina 2.6, new devices must be approved by the administrator before it can be provisioned. This feature is useful for large deployments allowing the installer to add devices when ready to deploy.

Option to Hide Time/Date from IP Displays

In addition to the available 14 colors for time and date on your Carina IP Displays, now you have the option to hide the Time, Date or both Time and Date. Reducing the use of LEDs in the IP Displays will use less power and help create a more sustainable school or workplace.  Watch our one minute video tutorial here.

In the below example, in the bulk or individual confirmation, we selected “No Text” for the ‘Time color’ and ‘Date color.’ 

IPv6 Carina Device Discovery

Reduce failed auto discovery during new installations with IPv6 support. Support for IPv6 was added to reduce provisioning problems from misconfigured building networks.

Upgrade to Carina 2.6

Being part of the Carina community means access to continuous enhancements tailored for you.  We always recommend upgrading to the latest Carina firmware versions. We are pleased to offer our new Carina firmware download portal. Please request access to the Carina firmware portal here. 

Thank you for journeying with us!

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