Manufacturing facilities often have a PA (public address) system in place for communication and announcements. However, did you know that this system can also be used as a music sound system? By repurposing your existing PA system, you can save on the cost of purchasing and installing a separate music system.

Increasing Productivity and Morale with Music

Playing music in the workplace can increase productivity and morale among employees, and using a warehouse PA system as a sound system for playing music in a manufacturing plant is a cost-effective solution to achieve this. 

In addition to improving employee morale, a warehouse sound system with music can discourage workers from bringing their own radios and creating competing sound areas. A personal radio that is too loud could drown out important emergency announcements and create a safety issue for workers.

Steps to Use Your PA System as a Music Sound System

Here are some steps to follow in order to use your manufacturing facility’s PA system as a music sound system:

1. Check the system’s capabilities. Make sure that your PA system is capable of playing music and that it has the necessary inputs for connecting a music source, such as a computer or a portable music player.

Carina, made by Wahsega, has built-in background music capabilities and prioritized events. In case of emergency, the music will stop playing and the emergency announcement will play loud and clear for everyone.

In this scenario, the background music stops playing since it is preempted by the Inclement Weather Warning.

2. Connect the music source. Use appropriate cables to connect your music source to the PA system’s inputs. Make sure the connections are secure and that the music source is set to the correct input on the PA system.

With Carina, simply connect your music source to your Carina Zone Controller.

3. Adjust the volume and set the hours (if applicable). Use the controls on the PA system to adjust the volume and tone of the music to your desired level. Be mindful of the noise level in the manufacturing facility and ensure that the music does not interfere with the work environment. It should be loud enough to be heard throughout the warehouse, but not so loud that it becomes a distraction or a safety hazard.

With Carina, you can set the start times and duration in which the music plays.

4. Test the system. Before using the PA system as a music sound system, test it to ensure that the sound quality is good and that the volume is appropriate.

5. Determine what genre of music will be played and assign music streaming responsibilities to designated employees. Create a music queue for employees to submit song selections.

By following these steps, you can easily repurpose your manufacturing facility’s PA system as a music sound system, saving on the cost of purchasing and installing a separate system. With a little bit of creativity and know-how, you can enhance the work environment and provide a little bit of background music for your employees.

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