When budget comes first, Oklahoma school district chooses Carina for all-in-one emergency notifications.


Carina Small IP Display Installed in a Justice Schools Classroom

Justice Public Schools chooses Carina, created by Wahsega, to handle emergency notifications, audio paging, clock synchronization and bell scheduling for their 16-square mile Oklahoma campus supporting pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Justice Public Schools is known for its breadth of extracurricular activities, including sports and robotics.

Carina Key Benefits for Justice Public Schools

  • Fully Digital PA System
  • Classroom Intercom System
  • Synchronized Clocks and Bell Scheduler

“The funds we saved with Carina allowed us to focus on other technology for our students.” Says Robert Clemmer, IT Administrator at Justice Public Schools.

Justice Public Schools (as many others in the US) found most emergency notification systems too expensive due to recurring licensing fees and compatibility constraints with their existing digital phone system. They were unable to cobble together their own solution that met all of their school safety needs. Fortunately, the Justice School District found the affordable Carina platform’s fully digital all-in-one paging system, clock and bell scheduler, intercom and emergency notification platform.

Justice Public Schools saved money in two ways. First, Carina integrated with their existing IP phone system, which eliminated purchasing an expensive integration solution. Second, Carina’s pricing model did not include recurring per device licensing fees. Not only did the school district stay within their budget, but also saved enough money to allocate significant funds for other technology projects to enhance student learning.

Beyond just a PA System, the Justice School District gained the ability to manage endpoints in only a few clicks, use their existing phones to broadcast messages over intercoms in classrooms, and alert students of lockdown situations, drills, and other emergency events. Wahsega IP speakers and classroom IP displays ensure uninterrupted communication between all students and personnel.

“The technical experience and customer service we have received from the Wahsega team has been nothing short of perfection. We would like to thank Wahsega for bringing this technology to market to give public Schools a hardware and software package to quickly and reliably deliver notifications to students and faculty both on and off-campus.” Says Robert Clemmer, IT Administrator at Justice Public Schools.

Carina Small IP Display Installed in a Justice Schools Classroom

About Wahsega

Wahsega offers a next-generation mass notification and safety IoT platform called Carina. The Carina platform protects people and buildings by linking device management with building intelligence all through a single dashboard. Using Carina intelligent devices, you can get the message out to everyone in and around your building during an emergency.
All Wahsega products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA.

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