Thanks to valuable customer insights, we’re pleased to unveil Carina 2.6.3 with features including live broadcast volume controls, endpoint filtering, and direct search capabilities. Enhancing your experience is our priority. If you missed our Carina 2.6 release, catch it here.

All Carina releases are available at no additional cost to our subscribers. Carina customers can download the latest firmware from our self-service portal. Please request access to the firmware portal here.

Carina 2.6.3 Release Summary:

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Set Volume for Live Broadcasts

Are morning announcements too loud or too soft? Now you can set the volume of your live broadcast announcements.

Here’s how: Select your extension for your live broadcast. Set the volume 

See it Action:

Endpoint Filtering

Too many endpoints? Searching endlessly for the speaker you need to modify?

Available Categories: IP Speaker, IP Display Speaker IP Paging Zone Controller, Access Control Intercom, PBX, PBX Lite, Panic Button, IP Outdoor Speaker, and Event Manager Lite

Here’s How: Under Endpoint -> Individual Configuration, Select the type of endpoints you want to see.

Select Endpoint Type

View Endpoint(s) of Selected Type

Search by Endpoint Name

Still too many endpoints? Searching for a specific classroom or room name? 

Simply enter the name of the endpoint you’re looking for in the search bar, just below the Filter dropdown to perform a text search of your endpoints.

Upgrade to Carina 2.6.3

Being part of the Carina community means access to continuous enhancements tailored for you.  We always recommend upgrading to the latest Carina firmware versions. We are pleased to offer our new Carina firmware download portal. Please request access to the Carina firmware portal here. 

Thank you for journeying with us!

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