An overhead paging system is a crucial component of hospitals’ communication systems, providing immediate and efficient communication in the event of an emergency and regular updates on patient care and hospital operations.

Hospitals are complex and busy environments that require efficient and effective communication systems in order to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors. One crucial component of this communication system is an overhead paging system.

An overhead paging system, also known as a public address (PA) system, is a network of speakers and microphones that allows for announcements and instructions to be broadcast throughout the hospital. This system can be used to make announcements about emergencies, provide updates on patient care, and communicate important information to staff and visitors.

Carina, is the all-in-one hospital overhead paging system, intercom, synchronized hallway clocks, and background music system.

Emergency Announcements

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a new industrial PA system is the coverage area. It is essential to ensure that the system can reach every corner of the facility or warehouse, including remote areas and hard-to-reach spaces. This will ensure that all employees receive important announcements and updates.

To avoid creating mass panic, some hospitals have instituted color code paging. Code White could mean a violent patient while another color could indicate an active shooter or system failure. This system of color coding helps to prevent mass panic by providing clear and specific information to staff and helps to ensure that the right response teams are deployed.

Localized Announcements

Another key consideration for an overhead paging system is the ability to make localized announcements; this feature allows healthcare facilities to target specific areas or units, rather than broadcasting an announcement to the entire facility. This can be particularly useful in situations where only certain areas are affected, preventing unnecessary panic and helping to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time. This feature also helps to increase the efficiency of the system by communicating only what is relevant to a specific area.

Hospitals can set up 20 separate zones with the Carina overhead paging system. Any given speaker can be allocated to one or multiple zones.

Pre-Recorded Announcements

In addition to real-time communication capabilities, an overhead paging system also allows for pre-recorded announcements to be played in emergency situations, making it easy to quickly disseminate vital information such as emergency codes and instructions for active shooter or natural disaster scenarios. These announcements can also be automatically triggered by events such as pressing a panic button or dialing a specific extension.

Authorized hospital employees can trigger up to 20 different announcements with individual extensions or create a button press with the Carina overhead paging system. Hospital administrators can upload the pre-recorded audio files to be played with specific announcements.

Additional Uses for Hospital Overhead Paging

Overhead paging systems have a wide range of uses beyond emergency communication. They can also be used for routine announcements, such as visiting hours or general information, which can be set on repeat, such as reminders to wear a mask while in the facility. Additionally, they can be used to play music or mask sounds that may be disruptive to patients and staff. This feature can create a more pleasant environment and make the facility more welcoming. With Carina, background music can play indefinitely, or be scheduled to play during visiting hours only.

Overhead paging can also be used for celebratory announcements such as birthdays, which can help to create a positive and supportive atmosphere for everyone in the facility.

Overall, overhead paging systems play an important role in ensuring the safety and well-being of hospital patients, staff, and visitors. They provide a quick and efficient way to communicate in emergencies and provide regular updates on patient care and hospital operations. As hospitals continue to evolve, it is likely that overhead paging systems will become even more important for ensuring effective communication throughout these complex environments.

Wahsega is proud to have helped Fauquier Hospitals with their pandemic protocols. Read the full case study here.

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