School administrators, principals, and heads of schools all know firsthand the challenges of managing a bustling educational environment. A working school PA system will improve your school’s communications while enhancing safety protocols.

How do you quickly find the best PA system for your school?

The best PA system for your school is one that fits your school’s needs and budget.

Questions to ask when looking for the best school PA system

  • Are you working with a limited budget?
  • Do you have multiple bell schedules for different areas?
  • Do you need to set different bell schedules for specific days of the week, or date ranges (i.e. standardized testing week)?
  • Do you need intercom functionality to communicate with individual classrooms?
  • Does your safety committee want to implement pre-recorded emergency announcements?
  • Do you need a system that is easy to use and configure?
  • Does your PA system also need to work as an intercom system, bell scheduler, and emergency notification system?

Analog PA Systems

In the past, schools installed analog systems in order to meet budget constraints. While an analog system is typically the lowest cost, managing and configuring an analog system can be time-consuming and difficult.

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Pros of Analog PA Systems:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple (but limited) functionality

Cons of Analog PA Systems:

  • Difficult to change the bell schedule and or adjust school clocks
  • Changing a zone for a speaker requires physical rewiring
  • Moving a speaker from one location to another is not plug-and-play

Do you need a school PA system that is flexible and easy to use?

Do you need features available with digital PA systems?

  • Announcements from VoIP phones (instead of a single microphone in the school).
  • Adjusting the volume of a classroom speaker 
  • Create multiple bell schedules to accommodate standardized testing weeks and other temporary events.

Consider a digital PA system. Schools including Schleicher ISD and Trinity Christian Academy chose digital PA systems for their ease of use and flexibility.

Best of Analog and Digital

What if you could have a budget-friendly analog system and the features and robustness of a digital system? Thanks to Carina:PA you can have the best of both worlds.


Complete School Communications System

The Carina:PA Solution includes:

  • Simple to Use
  • Affordable
  • Easy Bell Scheduling
  • Classroom Call Buttons
  • Wireless Classroom Microphones
  • Effortless Zone Paging
  • Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Outdoor Coverage
  • Emergency Alerts
  • District-Wide All Call

We’re here to help.

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