1/31/2023 UPDATE – The deadline has been extended until Feb 13, 2023 for the 2022-2024 SPAT Grant Program application.

In this article, we provide 4 steps to apply for a SPAT grant. During an emergency, triggering a silent alarm could save lives. SPAT grant program provides funding to Texas schools for silent panic buttons.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has just released application information for schools for the 2022-2024 Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant. The total grant amount for the SPAT grant is $17.1 million and was announced by Texas on June 28, 2022.

How to Apply for 2022-2024 Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant

1. Check if your school is eligible and the amount allocated for your school on the TEA Entitlements page.

2. Complete the Applicant Designation (ADC) form. To access the ADC, log into TEAL and select eGrants as the application. Once in eGrants, click on Grants on the menu bar.

3. Access the sample application and guidelines for SPAT by visiting the TEA Grant Opportunities page. Search for 2022-2024 Silent Panic Alert Technology (SPAT) Grant Application.

4. Review ‘Applying for a Grant’ information from TEA.

Proven Track Record for School Safety

Wahsega has a proven track record of helping Texas school districts implement this technology:

Additional $400 Million for Texas School Safety Announced

October 27, 2022, the Texas government announced an additional $400 million in funding to TEA to “assist school districts in replacing or upgrading doors, windows, fencing, communications, and other safety measures.” Grant application information will be released by TEA when available.

Wahsega is Here to Help You

Wahsega can help with safety communication systems for your school. Your local Texas Solutions Advisor can help you navigate the local grant funding process.

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