Prior to implementing the Carina® platform, schools struggled to update bell schedules for standardized testing week, pep rally Fridays, and complicated lunch schedules. How did implementing the Carina platform resolve their bell scheduling problems?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Standardized Testing: You need a different schedule for standardized testing week, but changing the bell schedule requires opening a ticket with IT.
  • Pep Rally Fridays: You have a different schedule when there is a football game to accommodate the pep rally. How do you change the schedule for specific Fridays in the fall?
  • Lunch Schedule: The school lunch schedule is more complicated than a NASA launch. Due to school overcrowding, your school has 4 different lunch times and teachers are required to release students for lunch every day since the old bell scheduler is too difficult to change.

How did schools with old systems change their bell schedules? (Before implementing Carina)

The Solution for your Bell Scheduler Problems

Schools including Trinity Christian Academy, Atlanta Neighborhood Charter Schools, West Jefferson Hills, Caddo Parish, and Justice Schools solved all of their bell scheduling problems with the implementation of the Carina platform.

The Carina platform solves bell scheduling problems with a simple user interface that allows school administrators to:


  • Create multiple bell schedules for various grades or zones.
  • Schedule bells by day of the week (i.e. Pep Rally Fridays)
  • Schedule bells for specific calendar dates (i.e. Standardized Testing Week)
  • Copy and modify bell schedules easily

With Carina, schools get all of the benefits of an advanced, yet easy to implement bell scheduler system, in addition to a PA and intercom system.

Carina: Complete School Communications System

The Carina PA and Intercom Solution includes:

  • Simple to Use
  • Affordable
  • Easy Bell Scheduling
  • Classroom Call Buttons
  • Effortless Zone Paging
  • Pre-Recorded Announcements
  • Outdoor Coverage
  • Emergency Alerts

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