There are so many options that you can explore with the Wahsega speakers. I have also found their customer support to be outstanding. They take ideas and run with them. As we were developing our specific application, they updated the firmware to better meet our needs. Wahsega is a fantastic company to work with.

Marcus Mead, Director of Administrative and Instructional Technology


Glen Lake Community Schools (K-12) (Maple City, Michigan) sought to update their mass notification system to address emergencies quickly and effectively, especially for active shooter preparedness. Glen Lake’s active shooter use case began with a teacher calling the front office, then the front office calling the authorities while making announcements over the PA system.

Marcus Mead, Director of Administrative and Instructional Technology, envisioned a faster and simpler process to lockdown the school and contact law enforcement during emergency situations.

Glen Lake school kids


Marcus Mead created the ‘Armed Intruder Alarm System,’ a comprehensive security system that could be initiated in one of four ways (i.e. active shooter):

  1. Teacher or staff holding pressing their Wahsega Panic button for at least 3 seconds.
  2. Detection of a gunshot by the school’s Shooter Detection System.
  3. A teacher barricading their classroom door. (Wahsega worked directly with The LockOut Co. and their The Boot product to create an automatic security alert when The Boot was deployed.)
  4. Student, teacher, or staff member pulling a Bluepoint pull handle on campus.

When the alarm is triggered by any of these four deployment methods, the school’s security protocol is activated:

  • “Alert! We are going into a campus wide lockdown!” – A pre-recorded audio message plays over Wahsega speakers on campus.
  • The visual emergency message and strobe lighting is activated on Wahsega IP Displays across campus.
  • Local law enforcement is automatically notified of the emergency lockdown at the school.

Marcus Mead cut the emergency response process down to one-step, and streamlined school’s lockdown protocol working within his school’s budget.


With Washega at the core of the project, Glen Lake Schools’ successfully automated their emergency notification process while reducing response time to notify local authorities. Wahsega’s competitive pricing helped Mead stay within the school’s limited budget and provided a reliable and flexible backbone for the school.

Today, Marcus Mead’s ‘Armed Intruder Alarm System’ developed for Glen Lake Schools (K-12) is heralded as the guide for emergency response notification systems for schools across the US.

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